Monday, October 26, 2009

KFC distributes free food and juvenile antics

Glutamic acid

free today if you want it

I sense a disturbance in the umami, as if millions of chickens suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly seasoned.

Last May, KFC caused a publicity backlash by purporting to offer free grilled chicken via Oprah. Apparently, people really like free stuff. Restaurants weren't able to keep up with the orders, causing long lines, cancellations, rainchecks, and at least one consumer fraud lawsuit.

Well, they're doing it again.

Like almost everything at KFC, their new grilled chicken includes MSG—both in the marination and the seasoning. (More on KFC-MSG connection later.) I don't find the seasoning on their grilled chicken excessive though; it appropriately brings out the flavor of the meat rather than overwhelm it. The grilled chicken has 440 mg of sodium compared to 1050 mg in the original recipe. I suspect most of the cuts came from table salt, which has more sodium on a percentage basis than MSG.

Verdict: a bit greasy, but MSGecent.

Meanwhile the president of KFC decides that he's a unbelievably lame version of Stephen Colbert and sends a letter to United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-Moon demanding the recognition of "Grilled Nation" and a seat on the UN. Loser.

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  1. MSG is safe but because its an addictive substance it isnt healthy. you're not adding that into your blog. you're claiming why its safe and you're right except for the fact Japan, China, Taiwan, all eat non process foods. Americans however not only eat process foods, but also MSG which is an addictive substance, also in large amounts. too much of anything is bad for you. if you eat too much. its bad. if you dont too much, its bad. if you eat too much fruit, its bad. MSG alone is safe but when MSG is combined with process foods is unhealthy. because MSG is an addictive substance, its bad. i wont compare it to alcohol or drugs but i will compare it to sex. while some people say there's nothing wrong with being addictive to sex, some would say there is. fatty process foods like at KFC and Micky D's should not put MSG in their foods because its already unhealthy mix it up with an addictive substance that keeps people coming back is not good.