Tuesday, October 20, 2009

S&B Golden Curry

Golden Curry

curry "chocolate" bar contained within

S&B Golden Curry is pure warmth, love, and MSG condensed into the most attractive imaginable form: an spicy bar of what appears to be ochre chocolate.

You see, the sauce is solid at room temperature, so it's proured into sections for easy breaking and melting into stir fry.

As Japanese-labeled foods go, S&B Golden Curry is pretty easy to find. It's almost always available in Asian supermarkets, even ones that have few other Japanese products, and it's sometimes even found in mainstream supermarkets. A good price for the 100 g box is $2.

This package of Golden Curry was purchased at Open Produce, a local shop specializing in organic and healthy options. Undoubtedly, it's sold as a world food sampling. Luckily for me, S&B Golden Curry is from Japan, where few people flip out over glutamate. The ingredients list is short, sweet, and savory, including three different flavor enhancers:
Wheat Flour, Edible Oils (Palm Oil, Canola Oil), Salt, Sugar, Curry Powder, Spices, Caramel Color, Monosodium Glutamate, Malic Acid, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate.
The effect is well-executed. Although Japanese curry is almost invariably milder than Indian varieties, the spice produces warmth on the tongue and tingling spice in the nose, which is nicely paired with the flavor enhancers. MSG alone is a nice pairing with curry, but it produces an especially well-rounded savoriness when combined MSG's junior partners GMP and DSI (5'-guanylate in the disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate).

It makes almost any dish taste like it's backed with a robust beef stock, even though the sauce itself is vegetarian since 2002.

As made by the directions, Golden Curry is quite potent and can be eaten with a lot of rice—or, as I had it today, mashed potatoes. If you don't want to cook rice on the side, just add it to more veggies than the directions recommend. Makes a good vegetarian tofu and/or potato curry, which should satisfy even demanding carnivores.

Verdict: MSGlicious.

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